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Less Graduates Are Entering the Trades Despite Great Career Paths

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Although thousands of young adults graduate college every year and are breaking into all kinds of industries, not too many of them are searching for traditional trade careers. That category includes everything from contractors installing countertops to court reporters.

Sadly, less graduates are entering trades in general, and it?s going to impact the labor pool for all kinds of industries. And if something doesn’t change soon, it’s also going to lead to more expensive products. Hopefully, high school students will soon realize all the wonderful aspects of working in trades and considering alternatives to the four-year degree. Keeping with the countertops theme, it?s important to take a broader look at the nation?s workforce so businesses can market to prospective young employees in the near future.

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When It Comes To Home Improvement, Think Outside the Box

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When you are looking to do a home improvement project, it pays to pay attention to the outside of your home. Many outdoor projects add more value for the money spent than interior projects do. Here are some outdoor projects you can do that will add value to your home.

Replacing an exterior door is a good project, especially the front entry door. This is an improvement you can make that has high impact but doesn’t cost a lot nor take a lot of time. You usually can have your front door replaced in a day for around $1,000 or less. In addition, you will likely recoup nearly all if not all of the money you invest in the form of increased home value. Another exterior door project that has high impact is replacing your garage doors. This project usually can be done for a couple thousand dollars and also will allow

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